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Our Skills

The business maintains set of skills that are ready to be used by your business.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the core skill set of the business.

3D Modelling

Effective all our projects use this skills to better analyse and communicate

Mathematical modelling

We love the mathematics.

Finite Element Analysis

Some structures are costly to analyse in the traditional methods. Where, required, we can apply years of FEA experience to extract the optimum design solution.

Our Specialisations

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Belt Conveyor System Design

This is the specialisation that the business started with. Based on decades of experience with every type of belt conveyor, in all sizes, locations and duties, we can support your requirements.

Supporting Inventions

We will convert your good idea into an engineered product for you.

Pneumatic Conveying

When powder needs to be transported over long distances, pneumatic conveying can be an ideal solution. Draw on our experience in this unique field.

Engineering mathematics

All interesting engineering has mathematics at its heart. If you’re after some help in converting a theory into a tool that your people can easily use, we can help.

Conveyor Belt tracking

Most belt conveyors are easy enough to track. Others need a more in depth, systematic analysis. When you’ve tried everything, call.


Sometimes you just need someone to gather up all the information you have and combine it into a single, beautifully presented document. Perhaps some additional engineering or a process needs to be carried out to pull it all together. Whatever you need, we can present it for you.